Rapid Reply

Rapid Reply

An AI email assistant with efficient technology, Rapid Reply provides busy business owners and executives with an easy way to manage their emails. This free-to-use software uses artificial intelligence (AI)



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Rapid Reply is an AI email assistant that assists business owners with more than 15 emails a day. With its efficient technology, business owners can spend up to 1-2 hours less a day on low value and repetitive tasks such as confirming meetings, saying yes or no in a polite way or thanking someone for something done. It can be accessed for free and upgraded when necessary and is best suited for business owners and execs with 20+ emails per day.

Created by John, the software ensures that data protection and privacy is maintained as messages are never saved or sold and snippets of data are only used to improve the AI software. Rapid Reply works through an artificial intelligence model that generates a human-like reply and is offered as a desktop Chrome Extension for Gmail and a mobile Google Workspace Add-On.

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