Review Hero AI

Review Hero AI

Review Hero is a convenient extension for browsing that uses machine learning technology to summarize Amazon product reviews. By utilizing ChatGPT, it is able to analyze a set of reviews and provide a concise



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Review Hero is a browser extension designed to summarize product reviews on Amazon. Using ChatGPT, it analyzes a list of reviews and displays a summary at the top of the product detail page. This tool is useful for both Amazon sellers and customers. Sellers can gain a better understanding of the overall summary of reviews for their products, while customers can quickly determine whether or not to add a product to their cart. The product review summary is displayed in the local language for each country's Amazon site, such as Spanish for Amazon Mexico and English for Amazon US. The extension supports product detail pages for Amazon sites in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, India, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. The extension is currently available for free and does not require a ChatGPT API key. Simply install the extension and it will automatically summarize Amazon reviews.

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