RTutor is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence app-created by renowned researcher Dr. Steven Ge to help users learn R or maximize their productivity. Developed on OpenAI's powerful large language



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RTutor is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based app created by Dr. Steven Ge that uses OpenAI's powerful large language model to translate natural language into R code.

With RTutor, users can upload a data file in CSV, TSV/tab-delimited text files, or Excel and analyze it just by asking. The app generates and runs code, showing results or error messages. Plots, numeric results, and an HTML report are also downloadable.

This tool was created to assist people with some R experience to learn R or be more productive. However, due to the experimental nature of the technology, users should double-check results before building upon them. To use RTutor, one can install the R package locally or access the website using a browser with an updated version of R and an OpenAI API Key. There are restrictions on commercial use and non-profits/academics are recommended to use it.

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