Rent Cloud GPUs provides cost-effective access to powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) from cloud-based services. Through simple commands such as ``runpodctl create pod``, users



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Rent Cloud GPUs is an affordable way to get powerful GPUs from the cloud. You can easily setup a member pod using regular commands such as ``runpodctl create pod`` which takes in required attributes such as image name, GPU type, and number of GPUs.

This command will create a new pod with the specified parameters (in this example "2x RTX A6000" GPUs) and will cost $0.84/hr. Giving users the ability to view the pod's attributes (such as ID, GPU, image name and status), the pods can be easily managed and modified. For example, ``runpodctl stop pod qmioq0dmowyfwz`` will stop the identified pod, and ``runpodct l remove pod qmioq0dmowyfwz`` will completely remove the pod from your account. Rent Cloud GPUs lets you benefit from powerful GPU hardware via the cloud, starting from as little as $0.2/hour.

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