Census GPT

Census GPT

automatically from various types of documents, reducing the need for manual input and saving the Census Bureau time and resources. Some potential benefits of Census GPT include: - Increased efficiency and accuracy: Using AI



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Census GPT is a new tool being developed by the United States Census Bureau to help automate the extraction of data from various documents, such as surveys and questionnaires. This tool uses a technology called "Generative Pre-trained Transformer" or GPT, which is a type of natural language processing (NLP) model that is able to analyze and understand human language. This technology is already being used by companies like Google and OpenAI to generate text, answer questions, and perform other language-related tasks. The goal of Census GPT is to speed up the data extraction process for the Census Bureau, which currently relies on manual data entry and coding. This tool will be used during the 2020 census, with the hope of improving the accuracy and efficiency of data collection. It will also be used to help translate documents into multiple languages, making the census more accessible to non-English speakers. The development of Census GPT is a collaboration between the Census Bureau and the artificial intelligence (AI) company, Basis Technology. The tool is being trained on a large dataset of past census forms, as well as other government documents, to improve its accuracy and understanding of terminology. Once fully developed, Census GPT will be able to analyze and extract data

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