Sohar Health

Sohar Health

Sohar Health is a revolutionary digital health platform, empowering individuals with access to quality healthcare services. Since launching in 2020, the platform has provided immaculate access to healthcare through a patient




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Sohar Health is a digital health platform that is revolutionizing access to healthcare. Founded in 2020, Sohar Health offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources to help individuals access the best in quality healthcare. The platform uses a patient-driven approach to make it easier to find the right care provider for their needs, from booking doctor appointments to finding resources for their medical journey. Sohar Health prides itself on its commitment to creating a patient-centric system that is tailored to meet individual needs. The platform uses a mobile app to allow patients to easily access and manage their healthcare, as well as manage their care continuum. Patients can easily book appointments, review their medical history, review test results, and access their care records without having to leave their home. In addition to the ease of access to healthcare, Sohar Health also provides an extensive array of resources to help patients better manage their healthcare needs. They have partnered with some of the best and brightest experts in the field to provide educational content, such as video tutorials and how-to guides, to help patients make better healthcare decisions. Their team of clinical advisors and experts are available in their chatbot to provide support and answer any questions

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