Stenography is a writing system that enables rapid note taking of words and sentences. Dating back to ancient Greece, it is especially beneficial in fast-paced environments such as courtrooms, lectures



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Stenography, or shorthand, is a writing system that allows for words and sentences to be quickly written down. It is particularly useful in environments where speed is of the essence, such as courtrooms and lectures, and for journalists taking notes. In its most basic form, it involves using symbols instead of letters and words. These symbols are known as stenographs. Stenography is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, with the first use of shorthand in the court of law being found in the works of Hippocrates in the fifth century BCE. Its development intensified in the seventeenth century, when English lawyer Thomas Shelton developed the system now known as Tachygraphy. Although typewriters and personal computers have replaced some of the uses of shorthand, stenography is still utilized today by court reporters, medical transcriptionists, and slow typists. The basic principle of stenography is to capture the spoken words of a conversation as quickly as possible. The symbols used to represent words and phrases cut down on the number of strokes the writer needs to make, thus allowing him or her to keep up with the speaker. The ultimate goal is accuracy; the words must be clear and legible, but it also needs to

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