Transform your text into live-action videos with Steve.AI, the cutting-edge AI video generator. Create professional-quality videos effortlessly using our patented technology.


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  • User-Friendly Interface: Dive into video creation with our intuitive interface, guided by helpful tutorials every step of the way.
  • Dynamic Content Conversion: Instantly turn text, blogs, or even audio files into engaging videos with just a few clicks.
  • Enhance with AI Super Intent: Add specific keywords to guide our AI in selecting the most accurate and relevant assets for your videos.
  • Lip-Syncing Characters: Choose from a plethora of AI avatars and templates for animated videos that truly resonate with your audience.
  • High-Quality Video Production: Experience the luxury of producing stunning 4K quality videos without the need for expensive equipment, all thanks to our advanced cloud technology.
  • Templates Galore: From marketing and explainer videos to YouTube and infographics, we've got a template for every story you want to tell.
  • Personalize Your Videos: Tailor-made solutions for various teams - whether you're in marketing, news & editorial, or corporate communication.

Feedback from our vast user base, including Ritch C and Annalie, highlights our platform's user-friendliness, vast stock footage options, and time-saving capabilities. Dive into our resources to learn more about animated videos, the latest AI experiments, and much more.

Embrace the future of content creation with Steve.AI. Join our community of superstar video creators today!

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