Story Seed is an immersive learning experience that gives pre-teens, teens, and lifelong learners the chance to develop their storytelling skills. By leveraging interactive elements of popular movies, books, and




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Story Seed is an immersive, self-driven, AI-facilitated learning experience designed for pre-teens, teens, and lifelong learners to hone their storytelling skills. Supported by interactive signposts and sceneries using popular movies, books, and TV shows, Story Seed offers a creative platform for honing one's expression and imagination. With its interesting and inspiring but fallible AI companion, reductionist prompts, and the ability to share stories written and earned at the end of every section, users can embrace creativity and emotionally powerful words to create exquisite stories that stand out in an age quickly filled with acceptable, but not exceptional writing.

Story Seed provides an opportunity to differentiate oneself in the storytelling world. Access the first chapter for free and see where the journey takes you.

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