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Swell AI

Start using AI to take your podcast to the next level. Utilize cutting-edge technology to revolutionize audio production and boost audience engagement. Try AI-based tools to reach new heights




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Swell AI is a powerful AI-powered content creator designed for podcasters. It streamlines and automates the creation of various types of written content such as show notes, articles, social media posts, transcripts, summaries, titles and even LinkedIn posts. All users need to do is upload their podcast episodes to the dashboard, and the AI writer will generate content based on the granted episode. Post-generation, users will be able to curate, edit and publish the content to an array of platforms - including integrated RSS feeds for all back catalog episodes. Swell AI also provides a ChatGPT interface, powered by OpenAI's language model, allowing users to craft tweets, LinkedIn posts, email newsletters and other pieces of content. Hobbyists, professionals and businesses alike can benefit from Swell AI's numerous pricing plans.

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