Taskade: AI-powered productivity tool with tasks & projects management, notes & docs, mind maps, and video chat. Work faster and smarter!




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Taskade is an innovative, AI-powered productivity tool designed to supercharge your team's efficiency. It offers a unified workspace where all your work syncs seamlessly, including tasks, projects, notes, and mind maps.

The AI productivity feature allows you to get work done 10x faster with an AI-powered chatbot, writing assistant, and workflow creation tool. Generate tasks, outlines, mind maps, and more, and simplify your work process.

Taskade allows you to organize and visualize your tasks, notes, and projects in various views such as lists, boards, calendars, mind maps, org charts, and action views. This way, you can map out anything and streamline your workflows.

Harness the power of AI to generate new ideas and map out anything. Taskade is your mind map, transforming ideas into dynamic workflows, like the art of origami. Plus, the AI Chat Assistant is ready to assist you inside your projects for the ultimate collaboration experience.

With Taskade, you can easily share projects with guests, clients, and teams to chat and collaborate all in one place. And with built-in video chat, screen sharing, and real-time syncing, you can have meaningful meetings with your team and clients.

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices with Taskade, ensuring your team stays connected on Web, iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and more.

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