Taskheat is a powerful and visually appealing task-list application designed to give users a unique mix of visual, managerial and control preferences. It features a unique, drag-and-drop interface




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Taskheat is a versatile and visually engaging to-do list app available on Mac OS, iPadOS, and iOS. It grounds users with a unique blend of visual, manager, and control preferences.

Each task appears as its own unique canvas, cleverly designed to keep users productive and inspired. Features like drag-and-drop, flexible organization, and beautiful visuals give users a sense of control over their to-do list and an enhanced focus on any task. It also includes powerful, customizable reminders that help ensure you remember tasks, no matter where you are. In addition, this task-management app helps keep your lists in sync across multiple devices.

With detailed reports and actionable analytics, you can create reports to gauge progress, spot trends, and adjust plans on the fly. Taskheat is an effective solution for any user looking to organize their thoughts and maximize productivity.

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