Typli is a revolutionary AI-powered content generation tool that also acts as an SEO assistant. With capabilities like generating SEO-optimized content, accurate long-form content, plagiarism check, and much more, Typli is a game-changer in content production and optimization.




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Introducing Typli - the most intuitive AI content tool designed to revolutionize your content production process. Combining the capabilities of an AI writing assistant with a robust SEO checker, Typli has all the features you need to create impactful, SEO-optimized content.

  1. Create SEO-Optimized Content: With our SEO Checker tool, optimize your content for the best search engine performance. Save time on website analysis and ensure long-term SEO success.
  2. Produce Accurate Long-Form Content: Writing lengthy articles is no longer a challenge. Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), Typli generates unique content tailored to your requirements.
  3. Generate Better Content: Typli understands your instructions. Use our 100+ writing commands to create customized content that fits your exact criteria.
  4. Save Time and Money: As your round-the-clock writing and SEO assistant, Typli provides the most trained models at an unbeatable market rate.
  5. Generate Unlimited Output: Typli is the only AI writing assistant offering unlimited content output at its price point!
  6. Export Content in Doc or PDF: Easily export your articles in your preferred format - either Doc or PDF.
  7. Rephrase Your Text: Typli’s rephrase feature lets you create distinct variations of existing content, providing a fresh outlook every time.
  8. Check Plagiarism Using CopyScape: Safeguard your content from plagiarism with our integrated CopyScape Plagiarism Checker API.
  9. Estimate SEO Keyword Traffic: Use the SEO keyword Traffic estimator to choose the best keywords based on search trend, competition, CPC for Google Ads, and more.

With Typli, you gain a valuable partner in content creation and SEO optimization. Achieve your content goals effortlessly with Typli!

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