Smart Copy leverages AI to craft engaging marketing content in seconds. Eliminate writer's block, create compelling copy, save time, and never face a blank page again. Use the Smart Copy Chrome extension and desktop app to generate and manage content across your marketing stack.




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Introducing Smart Copy, your AI-powered solution to fast and persuasive content creation. Our platform eradicates writer's block and delivers high-quality copy, helping you focus more on your business.

Beat Writer's Block: Never face the blinking cursor again. With some basic information, Smart Copy generates blog posts, product descriptions, and even poems in seconds.

Craft Compelling Copy: Don't compromise on content quality. Smart Copy, having analyzed the entire internet, can write expert-level copy on virtually any topic.

Save Time: Need quick content or a sounding board for ideas? Smart Copy delivers instant content, speeding up your workflow.

Our 3-step process is simple:

  1. Pick a template from our collection of over 45 for various needs, including landing pages, emails, ads, and more.
  2. Provide context about your topic, audience, and desired tone.
  3. Get results instantly, ready for review, editing, and publishing.

Whether you need copy for landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, product descriptions, or sales emails, Smart Copy has a template for that. Use the Chrome extension and desktop app to conveniently generate creative, on-brand content from anywhere.

Enjoy building whole marketing campaigns effortlessly. Write and expand landing page copy with our Chrome extension, create page variants quickly with our Smart Traffic feature, and transform your content into persuasive emails and compelling ads for Google, Facebook, and more.

Start your journey with Smart Copy today and experience AI-driven content creation like never before!

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