Meet VEG-3, an AI-powered marketing assistant designed to boost the marketing campaigns of vegan businesses and animal rights charities. Developed by vegan digital marketing experts, VEG-3 specializes in crafting engaging, conversion-focused content tailored to the vegan sector.




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Say hello to VEG-3, your new AI-powered marketing assistant. This revolutionary tool aids vegan businesses and animal rights charities in creating influential marketing campaigns that not only increase revenue but also contribute to saving animals.

Meet The Founders: VEG-3 is the brainchild of Sam and Maddie, founders of the vegan digital marketing agency, Vegan Creative Compass. They trained VEG-3 on tens of thousands of examples of successful marketing copy from vegan businesses. The result? An artificial intelligence that deeply comprehends veganism and creates engaging, brand-aligned content that truly converts. Initially developed as an internal tool to streamline their team's work, Sam and Maddie soon realized the immense potential of VEG-3. Today, it is poised to become the preferred software for vegan businesses globally.

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