What The Diff is a Artificial Intelligence-optimized code review assistant created to improve the code review process. It enables users to simplify the refactoring of code by inputting a simple command



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What The Diff is an AI-powered code review assistant that helps streamline and speed up the code review process. It works by allowing the reviewer to quickly comment on a piece of code they’d like to be refactored with a simple command (‘/wtd’) and provide a description of the change they’d like.

What The Diff then takes the reviewer’s request and recommends changes in the pull request, which the reviewer can accept with a single click. This process eliminates the need for tedious back and forth discussions about minor changes and allows faster, more efficient code review. This makes it easier to review code, reduce time spent on manual refactoring, and ensure the code is of high quality. It allows developers and reviewers to ensure the most recently added code is clean, efficient, and error-free in a speedy and intuitive manner.

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