Explain by Whybug is an automated tool for aiding software developers discover and resolve errors in their code. By entering an error or exception text, users receive suggestions on what could be causing the



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Explain by Whybug is an automated service that helps users discover why their software or code is displaying errors. It uses a large language model trained on data from StackExchange and other sources to generate explanations.

Using Explain by Whybug is easy - users simply paste an error or exception message and press explain. The product then predicts what causes the issue, how it can be fixed, and provides an example fix in code. Explain by Whybug is an invaluable resource for software developers, allowing them to accurately pinpoint and resolve errors quickly and easily. It can even be used when troubleshooting problems with online services or deployed applications. By helping users diagnose and solve errors, Explain by Whybug can speed up the development process, saving time and allowing users to focus on more important tasks.

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