Wiseone - an AI-powered browser extension that enhances your online reading experience with reliable, relevant information and insights.




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Wiseone is an AI-powered browser extension designed to enrich your online reading experience. It helps you master any topic by providing relevant and reliable information right at your fingertips. By bringing you a wealth of diverse sources, Wiseone helps you form informed opinions on your own terms.

With Wiseone, you can easily understand and learn about complex words, concepts, people, organizations, and more. You can verify facts by cross-checking with different sources talking about the same subject. For those tricky articles, ask any question and Wiseone will generate a clear, concise answer, simplifying even the most complex information.

Wiseone also helps you read efficiently without losing vital information. It can summarize content from any website within seconds, providing you with key information to remember. With the ability to explore other articles effortlessly, you can deepen your understanding of any topic.

Wiseone empowers you to explore beyond your limits, broadening and enriching your research with many news stories and articles. It hands you quality information from diverse sources, helping you take back control of your online reading. It is designed for intuitive usage with easy and practical tools at your disposal.

Employing powerful AI algorithms, Wiseone provides full insight and relevancy to news articles, ensuring your online reading experience is always enriching and insightful.

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