Zoom IQ

Zoom IQ

Analyze customer interactions to identify insights that can inform actions. Use AI, Google & SEO to uncover valuable understanding & insights that can drive decisions.




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Zoom IQ is an AI-powered assistant that optimizes collaboration and unlocks the potential of teams. With features like thread summarization, idea organization, drafting emails and whiteboard sessions, it is a powerful aid for managers.Its Summary feature provides an overview of conversations in a jiffy helping to get up to speed quickly. Zoom IQ's Chat Compose narrows down the search for the perfect words to respond by automatically drafting a reply even rephrasing it if need be. The AI-driven Email Composer offers content ideas to help keep up with customers. It reviews prior tasks and sends follow-ups with the customer. It is easy to personalize and finally close the loop. Overall, Zoom IQ greatly simplifies the process of team collaboration and boosts productivity.

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