AI Time Machine

AI Time Machine

Using cutting-edge AI technology, MyHeritage and Astria have developed a revolutionary Time Machine. Users can upload a picture of themselves to create an AI avatar with a stunning resemblance. This



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AI Time Machine™ is a revolutionary technology developed by MyHeritage and Astria that allows users to create stunning AI avatars and travel through time. By uploading a photo of themselves, users can create an AI avatar that looks and sounds like them. This avatar can be shared with friends and used as a profile photo.

AI Time Machine™ also includes a time travel feature to explore the past, allowing users to view and interact with historical moments from around the world. Through AI Time Machine™, users can experience history in a new and immersive way. With this technology, users can see how the world has changed over time and explore the stories of past generations. AI Time Machine™ offers an exciting and unique way of connecting with our past while having fun in the present.

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