Betafish.js is an advanced and powerful artificial intelligence software engine dedicated to improving the level of computer generated chess games. By using deep learning systems to simulate human-like behaviour in chess


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Betafish.js is a chess artificial intelligence (AI) engine created with the purpose of vastly improving computer chess games. By providing chess players the chance to interact with a smarter AI, Betafish.js allows users to play against a stronger opponent and to gain a deeper understanding of the game. The engine was created with advanced algorithms, developed on a deep learning system to mimic human-like behavior of chess moves. Betafish.js can select the best path to success and analyze both sides of the board more deeply than ever before. This helps players to identify and practice chess strategies. Thanks to Betafish.js, players can adjust the engine's thinking time, ranging from 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, to 10 seconds. This means that players can challenge themselves with different levels of difficulty. By working at a slower speed, players are able to plan a longer opening sequence and analyze their opponent. In summary, Betafish.js is a powerful AI engine designed for chess players of all levels to gain a greater understanding of the game, practice chess strategies, and compete against a tougher opponent. It is able to recognize chess patterns, analyze both board sides simultaneously, and offers

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