Branchminds serves as a research assistant, giving Notion users the opportunity to maximize their workspace's potential. Combining AI and machine learning algorithms, Branchminds peruses workspace



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Branchminds is a research assistant that helps users make the most of their Notion workspace. Combining the power of AI and machine learning, Branchminds automatically reads the notes and ideas in a Notion workspace to find pertinent and relevant links from the internet. Working right within the Notion interface, Branchminds allows users to easily access linking information related to their notes and ideas, making their workflows more efficient, and helping them to save time and energy.

Branchminds works proactively to provide external references at the right moment, connecting the Notion workspace to the larger world of web content to create a more integrated and comprehensive research solution. By using Branchminds as their digital assistant, Notion users can leverage external information to further unlock their creativity and their productivity.

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