AI Assistants have become increasingly popular, and broadn is the newest AI tool to hit the market. Designed to optimize workflow and maximize productivity, broadn is a unique AI Assistant with




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  • Meet broadn, the AI Assistant meant to help users optimize their workflow and maximize their productivity. Unlike other AI Assistants which are populated by chatbots, broadn include two real tools, Herbie and Eve. Herbie is a savvy marketing assistant who can keep up with the brand's voice and quickly remix content using the internet. Meanwhile, Eve is a business analyst who swiftly collects and interprets data from both internal and external sources so users can make the most informed decisions. Both are meant to ease the burden of mundane tasks, allowing users to spend more time on activities that inspire them. Inspiration can be taken from Mentors throughout the company, discussing topics such as Learning, Generative AI, and Community Building. With broadn, users can trust that all their tedious tasks will be done expertly and efficiently.

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