Colibri is a powerful conversation intelligence software that helps streamline call and review processes. It automates tedious tasks like manual note taking by intelligently recognizing customer inquiries, key points




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Description is a powerful real-time conversation intelligence software that helps streamline calls and review processes. It eliminates the tedious task of manual note taking by automatically picking up customer questions, key points, and next steps while users are speaking. is equipped with AI technology that performs intelligent search functions to quickly locate information from conversations.

It also helps to ensure that all pertinent information is compiled in the same space. This makes it easier for users to review calls, collaborate with colleagues, and stay on top of tasks. Additionally, helps users to uncover deeper insights into conversations so they can better understand customer experiences and business operations. By leveraging the real-time conversation intelligence software, users can review calls and meetings more efficiently, freeing up more time to focus on higher-value tasks and reducing the need for manual note taking.

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