Searching for leads can be streamlined with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) powered search filters. These filters help users quickly locate relevant prospects while supplying valuable context and updates. With the efficient




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Intently is a powerful platform that eases the process of completing lead information. It eliminates the need for constant switching between platforms, simplifies the challenge of matching data across sources, and reduces time-consuming data entry and data cleaning tasks. When searching for leads, Intently’s powerful search filters allow users to quickly narrow down relevant prospects, while offering valuable context and updating them on the latest updates. Furthermore, the platform simplifies lead prioritization by analyzing interactions and providing recommendations, allowing for more effective sorting. Intently promises to vastly improve the experience of completing lead information by eliminating the need for time-consuming data entry, automating data matching processes, and driving informed lead prioritization. The vast quantity of data and depth of information allow businesses to continue to refine and prioritize leads accordingly and stay informed through an evolving pipeline. By doing so, businesses can direct their focus to the leads that matter.

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