ConceptMap.AI is a powerful graphical organizing solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It enables a user to generate, save, and access information related to a specific topic or project easily




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ConceptMap.AI is an interactive concept map powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It helps the user to visually organize, save, and discover information related to a particular project or topic. ConceptMap.AI enables users to create advanced concept maps with the help of AI-powered automatic labeling and annotation. These concept maps can further be enriched with multimedia, such as videos and images. The AI in ConceptMap.AI can understand the meaning behind the created concept maps and provides automated labels to the generated diagrams. The labels can be either manually or automatically generated. Users can also directly link concept maps to videos, articles, and images by automatically adding annotations to the elements. ConceptMap.AI allows users to build powerful relationships among the concepts in the maps. They can create, save, and edit dynamic connections between concepts. The AI-powered feature enables users to navigate through the created maps with pace. It further helps the user to understand the relationship among concepts. The web-based interface of ConceptMap.AI helps to keep data and maps well organized. The user can create or join public and private projects and teams. They can also create private maps to keep the data secure. The interactive

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