Welcome to Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5), an AI-powered learning tool that simplifies complex topics. Choose your comprehension level, and let ELI5 demystify everything from quantum mechanics to neurobiology in a fun, easy-to-understand way.




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Welcome to Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5), where complex topics are made simple. We use optimized AI to break down everything from the intricate workings of the human brain to the grandeur of the Big Bang theory into easy-to-understand concepts, all while maintaining a fun, light-hearted tone.

How Does ELI5 Work? To start learning with ELI5, simply select a topic you want to understand. Then, choose your comprehension level—pretty dumb, dumb, smart, or pretty smart. ELI5 tailors its responses to suit your selected intelligence level, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of the topic at hand.

Wide Range of Topics: ELI5 covers a wide array of topics. Whether you're intrigued by the mysteries of quantum mechanics, curious about how computers work, or want to know more about your hometown, we've got you covered.

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate and reliable information, the responses generated by our AI models may contain errors or inaccuracies. Our content is intended for general informational purposes and should not replace professional advice. For specific queries or concerns, we recommend consulting a qualified professional.

Engage in Learning, the Fun Way: Embrace the joy of learning with ELI5's lighthearted approach. Dive into the world of knowledge with our fun, easy-to-understand explanations. Welcome to the joy of learning, reimagined.

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