Stability AI, a company dedicated to open-sourcing language models, has recently launched a new AI tool and image generator called Hayo. This advanced tool is powered by StableLM, an




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Hayo - AI Tools and Image Generator is an article describing the release of a new open-source language model, StableLM, by Stability AI. This model, available in various parameter sizes, can be freely used and adapted for commercial or research purposes, under the CC BYSA4.0 license. Stability AI has a history of open-sourcing language models, including GPTJ, GPTNeoX, and the Pythia suite, which were all trained on The Pile open-source dataset. The StableLM model, trained on a larger experimental dataset, shows surprisingly high performance in tasks such as conversation and coding, despite its smaller size compared to other models. Along with StableLM, a set of instruction finetuned research models is also being released under a non-commercial CC BYNCSA 4.0 license. This allows for transparency and trust, as researchers can verify performance and develop interpretability techniques. StableLM is also designed for accessibility, with the goal of having everyday users run the models on their own devices and creating independent applications. Lastly, Stability AI's models are supportive, aimed at boosting productivity and creating economic opportunities for everyday people and firms. The models are now available in their GitHub repository,

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