Insight Monk

Insight Monk

Insight Monk by BIS Research provides a comprehensive market intelligence platform for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, executives, innovators, and professionals looking for collaborations, investments, and networking in the AI



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Insight Monk by BIS Research is an advanced market intelligence platform for startup founders, venture capitalists (VCs), CXOs, experts, and innovation leaders who are seeking collaborations, acquisitions, or networking in the deep tech domains. The platform offers unlimited queries in Insight Navigator, which is an OpenAI-trained chatbot for market intelligence prompts; 200 contacts/month of key decision makers in chosen industry; 10 new executive brief of deep tech reports every month, as well as access to 1000+ already published reports; and, an additional benefit of one analyst report worth $5,500, for free.

This platform carries an extensive amount of data that allows its users to track the latest news, investments, and strategic developments of their competitors in the market. It also offers an opportunity for collaborating with venture funds, research institutes, and industry experts. Businesses will be able to utilize the services provided by the Insight Monk platform to their advantage and stay competitive in the deep tech market.

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