Supercharge online meetings with Krisp's Voice Productivity AI. Enjoy AI-powered voice clarity, meeting transcription, and superior noise cancellation.



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Experience next-level productivity in online meetings with Krisp, a pioneer in Voice Productivity AI technology. Leveraging advanced AI, Krisp offers enhanced voice clarity and a comprehensive meeting assistant, transforming the way you conduct your virtual interactions.

Krisp's AI Voice Clarity offers a suite of features designed to ensure clear, uninterrupted communication. It features Background Voice Cancellation, which efficiently removes the background voices of others talking in the same room, ensuring only your voice is heard during the call. The AI also offers Noise Cancellation, which eliminates disturbing background noise, and Echo Cancellation, removing distracting echo effects from your audio. An innovative feature of Krisp's Voice Clarity is Accent Localization, enhancing the intelligibility of a wide range of accents.

The AI Meeting Assistant revolutionizes meeting transcription and note-taking. This bot-free, non-intrusive feature provides free unlimited transcriptions and automatic summarizations of your meetings, ensuring you never miss important information.

Krisp maintains a strong commitment to user privacy. All voice processing is conducted on your device only, and your voice never leaves your device. The insights gathered from your calls are exclusively for your use, and encrypted connections add an extra layer of security.

Used and trusted by some of the world's largest global brands, Krisp is compatible with all major online communication platforms. Try Krisp for free today and experience the magic of uninterrupted, clear online communication.

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