. Lensa is an advanced AI-powered photo editing app that offers users a range of features and tools so they can create stunning pictures. The intuitive interface and intelligent algorithms let users enhance their



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Lensa is a powerful and intuitive photo editing AI application available for download on Google Play. This intuitive AI account allows users to retouch their portraits as well as apply filters, backgrounds, and other effects to their photos. It also features Skin Refining Effects which allows users to easily remove blemishes, make portrait images clearer and apply beauty filters. There is an Auto-Adjust editing feature that simplifies photography editing, allowing users to focus on taking the perfect photo without needing any knowledge of photography. The Eye Corrector Editor enables users to make small adjustments to their images and refine their eyes and eyebrows according to their preferences. It also has an acne remover, so users can perfect their portraits with ease. Lensa also has several other features such as the Illustrator Photo Editor, which allows users to edit lighting, contrast, and blur in their pictures. Furthermore, it has a Background Editor which allows users to more easily blur background images, add motion to selfies, and do other adjustments. Moreover, it has a variety of extra features that allow users to customize their photos, such as the ability to change hair color, whiten teeth, adjust saturation and sharpness, and use colour intensity to fix

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