Mindsmith revolutionizes eLearning development through its AI-driven course authoring tool. Convert your internal documents into learning content that matches your brand, and collaborate effectively with your team in real-time.




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Embrace the future of eLearning with Mindsmith, a course authoring tool designed to streamline your learning content production process. Used by over 2,000 eLearning creators, Mindsmith uses powerful generative AI technology to transform your documents into engaging learning content that reflects your brand.

Whether it's SOPs, employee handbooks, or product specs, you can utilize them as source material for the AI. You can then fine-tune your lessons with our AI assistant, offering granular guidance like teaching certain concepts using various strategies or providing overall guidance regarding learning objectives, tone, learning level, and role.

Mindsmith comes with innovative cloud capabilities designed to improve your team's efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of a remote SCORM file that updates in the LMS automatically, removing the barriers to updating learning content. Plus, with our real-time collaborative features, you can work with your team members seamlessly.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials from our satisfied users who have streamlined their course creation with Mindsmith.

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