An automated pitch deck service for startups, designed using Artificial Intelligence, provides unique, customized decks at an affordable price. Though the decks serve only informational and educational purposes, no success or return of




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My Pitch Deck is an AI-generated pitch deck service for startups, offering customized decks at a reasonable price. All custom pitch decks are informational and educational purposes only, as no guarantees of any success or return on investment can be made. Furthermore, all pitch decks are non-refundable, as changes and modifications to them can be made immediately by the customer.

This website is registered in the United States and is subject to American law. The website reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of use without prior notification. No promises or guarantees regarding the services are made, and no liability is accepted for any loss of profits, use, or any other materials as a result of usage of the decks. Our trustworthy third-party payment processor, Stripe, helps protect payment information and ensures all payments are safely encrypted. Customers have the right to access, update and delete their personal information at any time, and the Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time with changes posted and accompanied by notifications.

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