Opera One Browser

Opera One Browser

Experience fluid web browsing with Opera One, an AI-ready browser designed for dynamic navigation, intuitive tab management, and seamless AI integration.



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Unleash a whole new level of web browsing with Opera One, an upcoming browser built with Artificial Intelligence. Still in its early-access developer version, Opera One aims to redefine your online navigation experience through a unique blend of innovative features, an intuitive interface, and cutting-edge AI integration. It's the next step in AI-optimized web services.

Equipped with a multithreaded compositor, Opera One is designed to deliver a liquid navigation experience, making browsing more dynamic and responsive than ever before. It uses the principles of Modular Design, allowing for seamless AI integration and easy feature addition, ensuring the browser stays up-to-date with the latest web technologies.

One of the standout features of Opera One is Tab Islands - an innovative approach to managing multiple tabs that enhances efficiency and user control. It also showcases a user-friendly interface with adaptive modules in the sidebar, decluttering the screen and focusing on what matters most. Additionally, Opera One's collapsible extension module groups all your browser extensions in the address bar, ensuring quick access while maintaining a clean interface.

Opera One serves not just the everyday user but also caters to developers and tech enthusiasts eager to explore and contribute to the future of web browsing. By prioritizing liquid navigation, modular design, and AI-powered web services, Opera One shapes a more intuitive and fluid browsing experience for all users across Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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