Boost your memory and connections with your own, personal AI messenger. Recall everything, stay connected, and control your digital mind with Personal AI.



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nter the future of AI with Personal AI, your very own AI messenger designed to supercharge your memory and relationships. Imagine the power to recall any detail, to answer any question you once knew, without endless scrolling or searching. Your Personal AI serves as the digital library of you, an invaluable resource of your life’s information.

Whether it's future dinner plans with friends or work meeting recaps, every bit of information is indexed automatically and entirely discoverable by simply chatting. It’s an effortless, efficient way to keep track of your life and connections.

What makes your Personal AI truly personal is its learning capacity. It learns about you, from you. Unlike generic AI bots that rely on public data, your Personal AI is built on your own individual data and the messages you send. It's entirely your own.

You own and manage every part of your Personal AI, from the data that fuels it to the unique AI Profiles you create. You even control the way your AI greets you. With Personal AI, control over your digital identity is firmly in your hands.

The Personal AI Copilot and Autopilot modes ensure you never miss a message or a moment. Keep up with group chats, share updates with family by drafting rich messages from your own collection of memories and moments. Experience seamless, endless connection with Personal AI.

While generic AI belongs to everyone, Personal AI is entirely yours. It's a revolution in AI technology designed for you, and built by you.

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