QuantPlus is an AI-driven insights platform for advertising that provides users the ability to easily and quickly analyze their performance data to gain valuable insights. The platform enables users to compare engagement metrics,




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QuantPlus is an AI-driven creative insights tool for advertising, providing users the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze their performance data to gain valuable insights. With QuantPlus, users are able to compare performance data such as engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, spend over time in order to optimize their campaigns.

It allows users to quickly identify potential areas of optimization, thus improving their overall return on investment and their bottom line. Additionally, QuantPlus can help generate visualizations and reports to give users a comprehensive overview of their campaigns. This includes visualizations such as pie charts, bar graphs and timelines to illustrate key performance indicators (KPIs). All the while, users have the ability to drill down to individual analysis to really focus on the details. Overall, QuantPlus is an efficient and powerful tool for advertisers, enabling them to unlock more meaningful data to optimize their campaigns and to maximize their ROI.

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