Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me offers developers a groundbreaking character creator with real-time customization options and animation capabilities. Featuring an array of customization controls, users are able to create unique characters that fit their personal preferences



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Integrate an advanced character creator into your game in days - Ready Player Me Ready Player Me provides game developers with a revolutionary character creator that lets people customize and animate their characters in real-time, with no pre rendered graphics.

With Ready Player Me, developers can create virtual characters quickly and easily. Users are able to customize their characters from scratch, or through approved templates, allowing game developers to rapidly integrate the character creator into their games, with minimal coding effort. The system is compatible with multiple game engines, making it the perfect choice for any game developer. Once the character is created, game developers have the ability to control the character’s movements and facial expressions, allowing users to create unique and highly personalized characters for their games. Using Ready Player Me, game developers can also directly control the parameters of the character's appearance. For example, users can directly edit the general shape of the character’s body, tailoring it to fit their personal preferences. The character creator also features a wide variety of customizations that allow users to adjust the color of the hair, face, and body. Ready Player Me also features a character animation system, which enables users to animate their characters in real-

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