Story Bard

Story Bard

and phrases for maximum results. The simplicity of Storybard makes it an invaluable tool for authors of all levels. With just a few clicks, you can churn out amazing works of literature. It



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Storybard is a revolutionary new online storytelling tool that lets you create and remix your favorite stories! You can use Storybard to transform existing works of any genre into completely new tales. Simply pick the story you would like to remix and edit the beginning, middle, and end to create your own version with the click of a button. This creative tool gives you the ability to let your imagination run wild and explore endless possibilities. The power of Storybard lies in its unique autocomplete system called Remix Learning. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate millions of words chosen specifically to fit the context of the story you are writing. In addition, the software utilizes predictive text to provide relevant words that fit the narrative. As you add more stories to your library, the AI remembers the words you’ve previously used and learns to add the most appropriate phrases for each new story you write. Storybard can also help you come up with new story ideas. The app’s AI-supported parameters enable you to find new stories based on text, genre, length, and keywords. Simply type in the keywords relating to a unique idea and the app will generate a list of possible stories for you to create. You can then start

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