. Text.Theater is a sophisticated Discord bot that facilitates AI-driven simulations of scenes from popular television shows. One can easily invite the bot to their server and then use a "/sim


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Text.Theater is an AI-powered Discord bot that allows users to request new scenes from their favorite TV shows with the use of advanced language generation technology. To use the bot, users must invite the Text.Theater bot into their Discord server and use specific commands such as "/simulate" followed by the TV show name and the scene’s premise. Tokens must be purchased to request a scene and each cost one token. Tokens can be bought in bundles of 25 ($5), 50 ($8), 100 ($14) or 250 ($25).

The bot typically simulates and displays scenes in under a minute. However, due to the AI technology, the simulated dialogue may not always perfectly capture the nuances of the characters. Sharing the simulated scenes with friends and online is permitted. Additionally, there is a limit to the number of scenes that can be requested at once per server. Privacy and security are taken seriously and no personal information is collected from users. Lastly, content guidelines are in place to ensure respectful use of the bot and avoid any violations of community standards.

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