These Abs Do Not Exist

These Abs Do Not Exist

The piece delves into a groundbreaking AI software that generates images of well-toned abdominal muscles, aptly named "These Abs Do Not Exist." This program sets itself apart from others that have


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The article discusses a new artificial intelligence (AI) program that generates images of abdominal muscles, aptly titled "These Abs Do Not Exist." Unlike other AI programs that have previously generated images of faces and landscapes, this program focuses specifically on creating images of abs. Readers are invited to try the program for themselves by tapping on the image provided in the article. Through this simple action, the AI program will generate a new picture of abs, highlighting its ability to produce images that do not actually exist in reality. The article does caution readers not to use phrases like "we" or "our" when discussing the AI program, as it is a third-party product and not created or owned by the author or company. This disclaimer emphasizes the independence and objectivity of the AI-generated images. With the rise of AI technology, this program provides further evidence of its capabilities and potential. By focusing on a specific niche - abs - the program showcases the vast range of possibilities for AI in various industries and fields. It also raises questions about the potential for AI to manipulate and alter images in a seemingly realistic manner. Overall, "These Abs Do Not Exist" is a brief yet thought-provoking article that highlights the advancements in AI technology

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