tldv is a versatile tool that records, transcribes, clips, and shares online meetings from Google Meet and Zoom. It offers AI-assisted transcription and summarization in 20+ languages and integrates with popular platforms for easy sharing and workflow automation.



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tldv is an innovative tool designed to streamline the management and sharing of online meetings. It comes with a range of features that enhance your meeting experience:

  1. Comprehensive Recording and Sharing: tldv allows users to record, transcribe, clip, and share their online meetings on both Google Meet and Zoom, ensuring that all essential details are captured and easily accessible.
  2. AI-Assisted Transcription and Summarization: The tool leverages AI to transcribe and summarize meetings in over 20 languages, ensuring that the key points are highlighted and understood by a global team.
  3. Extensive Integration: tldv integrates with many popular collaboration platforms and CRMs, enabling users to share meeting insights seamlessly and automate their workflows.

tldv is more than just a meeting tool—it's a comprehensive solution that helps users make the most of their online meetings, ensuring no valuable insight is missed.

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