Zaplingo, an AI English tutor on WhatsApp, offers practice, grammar explanations, and real-life conversation for improved English speaking skills.




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Zaplingo is an AI-powered English tutor that leverages the convenience of WhatsApp to facilitate English language learning. This innovative solution helps learners practice and improve their English speaking skills in a supportive and low-pressure environment. It utilizes audio messaging, provides real-life conversation practice, and offers clear grammar explanations to bolster learners' confidence and proficiency in English.

Key Features:

  1. Audio Messaging: Users can practice conversational English through audio messaging, fostering a more immersive and interactive learning experience.
  2. Grammar Explanations: Zaplingo provides clear and concise grammar explanations, enabling users to understand language rules and use them effectively.
  3. 24/7 Availability: With 24/7 access, learners can study at their own pace and at their convenience, offering a flexible learning approach.
  4. Native Language Support: Zaplingo provides explanations in users' native languages to facilitate better understanding.
  5. Free to Use: Zaplingo is available at no cost, making high-quality language learning accessible to all.

Use Cases:

Zaplingo is a valuable tool for various users, including:

  • Individuals seeking to enhance their English speaking skills.
  • Learners desiring a low-pressure and supportive environment for language improvement.
  • Users preferring the accessibility and convenience of learning English via WhatsApp.
  • English language learners aiming for practical conversation practice and clear grammar explanations.
  • Those in need of an affordable and readily accessible English tutoring option.

Zaplingo seamlessly blends AI technology with the practicality of WhatsApp, providing learners with a uniquely effective and enjoyable avenue to boost their English speaking skills.

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