Cordless is an exceptional contact centre phone system designed for customer support teams with over 20 agents. Committed to providing top-notch phone support to customers, Cordless is the perfect solution


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Cordless is a contact centre phone system designed specifically for customer support teams with 20 or more agents. With its focus on providing quality phone support to customers, Cordless is the ideal solution for industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and utilities, among others. This system is well-suited for support teams that recognize the importance of effective phone support for their customers. Cordless has received positive feedback from its satisfied clients in various industries, highlighting its versatility and success in meeting their unique needs. With Cordless, customer support teams can efficiently handle a high volume of calls while maintaining a high level of service. The system boasts features such as call routing, automatic call distribution, and customizable phone trees, ensuring that calls are directed to the right agents and customers receive the assistance they need quickly. Additionally, Cordless offers advanced call tracking and reporting capabilities, giving support teams valuable insights into call volume, duration, and customer satisfaction. This information can help teams identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance their support operations. In summary, Cordless is a reliable and effective contact centre phone system that caters specifically to the needs of customer support teams. Its versatile features and track record of

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