Insight7 is an AI-powered customer insights platform that enables businesses to uncover and track customer insights from sources such as call transcripts, surveys, and interviews. The platform can help companies gain


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Home - Insight7 | AI-powered Customer Insights Repository is a platform that provides businesses with an AI-powered customer insights repository. This repository is filled with valuable customer insights extracted from call transcripts, interviews, customer support tickets, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. Insight7 makes it easy for companies to obtain, manage, and share insights with their teams.

The platform’s AI capabilities enable users to quickly uncover insights across customer data, surface important questions or topics, and track customer sentiment analysis. Additionally, customers can explore the platform’s repository of NPS and customer satisfaction surveys. This repository offers access to benchmarked customer satisfaction scores and surveys that allow companies to measure customer feedback and satisfaction over time. Insight7 provides companies with the ability to quickly identify customer trends and implement actionable insights to better understand and serve their customers. The platform can also help businesses identify opportunities for improvement and develop strategies to increase customer loyalty. Companies can use the platform to better understand their customers’ needs, ensure customer satisfaction, and ultimately build better relationships with their customers.

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