The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings an abundance of advantages for businesses when it comes to customer service. By implementing AI, companies have the opportunity to offer quicker service and more personalized advice


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The rising prevalence of customer service via live chat gives companies an ever increasing opportunity to provide faster service to their customers. To help companies do this, Artificial Intelligence can be implemented to provide quicker and more personalized customer support. An AI system can be specifically trained and tailored for each individual company’s needs based on the company's past data, current routing behavior, and context. AI can provide many benefits for customer service needs, such as allowing customers to find quick and precise solutions to their inquiries, efficiently routing customer inquiries to the right agents upon submission, automating frequently asked questions on the company website, and increasing scalability for customer support teams. All of these can be incorporated into the AI system with its specific tailored training. This AI helps to streamline customer service and provides many advantages to customers. By expecting customer inquiries and routing them to the right agents, customers will receive their answers much more promptly, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, with automated FAQs, customers will be able to find precise answers to their questions more easily and accurately. Furthermore, Customer Support teams will have greater scalability and greatly benefit from the knowledge of the AI systems. Overall, AI can be an invaluable tool for companies looking

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