For product-based photography, GENIEA offers a creative and automated approach. Our revolutionary AI engine provides automated presets, customizable controls, and seamless optimization, resulting in cinematic-like quality



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  • At GENIEA, we believe that the power of good lighting and creativity can bring your products to life like no other. We are an artificial intelligence platform that provides a creative and automated approach to product-based photography. GENIEA enables brands to organize, manage, and optimize their processes more efficiently than ever before. It's magic! With GENIEA, you can create a cinematic-like beauty with automated presets. You can also customize your shot with manual controls and make your product photography look and feel unique. Our revolutionary automation engine automatically optimizes lighting and composition to make your shoots look like they were taken by a professional product photographer or film director. By utilizing our tools, your product photography will remain consistent across all channels, increasing your online visibility and adding a touch of class to all your product shots. With easy to use panel customizations, you can quickly and easily optimize photos and videos for your product shots. Finally, you can trust GEINEA as we have an experienced in-house team dedicated to providing the best customer service to our customers, all while ensuring that your product looks perfect every time. At GENIEA, customers can utilize an artificial intelligence platform that provides a

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