The Hugging Face app from Microsoft now offers Promptist, an innovative space to help users express and organize their thoughts. With easy-to-read subsections for categorization, Promptist makes



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Promptist - a Hugging Face Space by Microsoft Microsoft has recently released a new feature: Promptist, a space within the Hugging Face app to help users express their thoughts in a more organized manner. Promptist offers an innovative way for users to document observations, brainstorm new ideas, and create plans. When using Promptist, users are presented with an easy-to-read text box that is divided into subsections. They can use the subsections to categorize their thoughts and keep them organized. That way, it becomes easier to refer back to particular thoughts they’ve had throughout the day. The subsections are helpful reminders that visual cues can be used to break down a complex idea and structure thoughts leads to mental clarity and better understanding. Microsoft hopes that this feature will help users think more effectively and make their ideas clearer. Promptist also has reflection features that help to make the user’s experience more meaningful. For instance, users are able to go through their past entries and compare them to see where they’ve made progress or where they’ve gone wrong. Reflecting on past entries can help users keep track of their ideas and goals as they go through

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