Using today's cutting-edge technology, Robin AI gives businesses an automated solution to sales funnel automation. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, it delivers tailored emails to outbound leads and follows up according to




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Robin AI is a powerful and innovative new platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take the top of the sales funnel off a business’s plate. Instead of relying on a human sales associate to reach out to leads, conduct research, and engage in initial outreach, Robin AI does all the hard work for you.

By hand-crafting emails and sending them from your email address, Robin AI is able to adjust the copy to the given lead, and post-response, can send objection emails, while continuing to aim to book a call with the lead that your sales team can take over. Currently in Alpha, Robin AI may become the cornerstone of sales automation in the near future. With more features and capabilities being tested and developed, Robin AI is an innovative and exciting development.

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