WiziShop is your all-in-one eCommerce solution, powered by AI, committed to making your online sales a success. Effortlessly create your online store, enjoy powerful SEO optimizations, get free guidance from our Business Coaches, and leverage 400 pre-integrated features for your marketing operations.




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WiziShop is an innovative eCommerce solution designed to drive your online sales success:

  1. Fast & Efficient: Set up your dream eCommerce site in a few clicks, guided by our AI, intuitive tools, and helpful video training.
  2. Powerful SEO: Your online visibility is our priority. We provide unique SEO optimizations to increase your site's ranking and elevate your business.
  3. Support: Need advice or assistance? Our Business Coaches are here to guide you, free of charge! We're dedicated to your eCommerce success.
  4. All-In-One Solution: With 400 pre-integrated features, you can easily configure your store and execute marketing operations. Everything you need is included!
  5. AI-Powered Efficiency: Make your eCommerce operations 10x more efficient with our AI. It designs your brand image, creates your store’s name, domain name, tagline, writes product descriptions and blog posts, translates your content, creates ads, and more.
  6. Easy to Use: WiziShop is a turnkey eCommerce solution that requires no software installation, offers cloud hosting, automatic updates, AI assistance, video training, and support. Starting at just $27/month, WiziShop makes eCommerce accessible to everyone, from beginners to experts.

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